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What Color Should Joss Stone Dye Her Hair Next?

By peoplemag

Joss Stone may have rocked bright pink hair courtesy of Manic Panic Hair Color in Hot Hot Pink on the cover of her latest CD Introducing Joss Stone, but now she's wearing purple locks created by Paul Mitchell. "The last one was Manic Panic. You bleach a couple pieces and then put the pink over it," she advises. "The purple -- you just whack it over the whole thing. It washes out real quick though which is a problem so you have to re-do it every two weeks. I dye it a lot. I was blonde for ages. Before that I had green and pink streaks in my hair, but nobody knows that because I wasn't out flashing pictures." So why the shade change? "I dyed my hair to brunette like a year ago and when it came to promotion time the record company said I had to go back blonde. I'm not a model. That's not my job. My hair has nothing to do with music. I'm trying to make a point that it has nothing to do with my hair. I'm going to change it 20 different colors. It's fun to me. I'm trying to figure out what color it's going to be next." Joss needs your help! What color should she dye her hair next?


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