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Owen amp Woody's Slumber Party

By steph

After being seen with two different women this weekend, Owen Wilson spent Monday afternoon rolling around with another mystery brunette at a Miami hotel with best bud Woody Harrelson. Clearly recovered from his August suicide attempt, the flirtatious funnyman made out with his latest squeeze while drinking bottled water.

Woody and Owen arrived in Florida on Friday after spending time at a spiritual retreat in Peru where the pair was seen having a male bonding moment in their boxer shorts. Owen was spotted getting close to an exotic long-limbed beauty at the Florida Room a few hours after his arrival, and was seen with a blonde on the beach the next day. An insider tells that Owen went out with the woman in these pictures on Sunday night, and then she swung by his hotel with a pal the next day to catch up again.

Even though Woody was seen having fun with a number of ladies, his rep insists it was just being a good sport and is still happily married.

“The trip wasn’t planned. They came to Miami when their trip to Peru was cut short. I hope Owen and Woody enjoyed themselves over the weekend but they’ve since left,” their rep said.

Despite the impromptu rescheduling, it’s still been a cathartic getaway for The Darjeeling Limited star. He split with his You, Me and Dupree costar Kate Hudson earlier this year only to attempt suicide in August.


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