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Yum's November Must Haves

By yumsugar

There's no way around it, November means Thanksgiving. Whether you're prepping your own meal, or headed over to someone else's house, you will definitely find something on our list of must haves.

• To start things off, we've got the Willie Bird Fresh Organic Turkey ($65-$85). It's raised on natural grains and vegetables in Sonoma County, California. In addition to being organic and free-range, it has a clean turkey flavor.
• Once you get a fabulous turkey, you're going to need a large roaster to cook it in. This Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Roaster with V-Rack ($99.95) is sleek and contains an aluminum core for superb heat conductivity. It's large enough for a 25lb turkey and the rack is non-stick.

• If you're looking to take the leap from mashed potatoes to thinly-sliced gratin, then you're going to need a slicer or mandoline. This Zyliss 4-In-1 Multi Slicer/Grater ($19.95) will make slicing and grating a breeze!

• Need a great way to get the conversation started? These TableTopics Conversation Starters will help you break the ice. Each set of conversation starting questions will help maneuver through those awkward party moments. They're perfect for the host, and great for a guest to bring as well.

• Finally, an important Thanksgiving must have is this Multi-Time Triple Timer ($14.99). With three display monitors, you can easily set and keep track of three items at once.

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