Oprah is Breaking up with Stedman?

good morning! below is the latest **national enquirer** with the main story revolving around oprah winfrey and her longtime boyfriend stedman - i haven't heard anything about this until now - they're claiming she's paying him $250 million to buy his 'silence' - i'm not buying into this one at all - don't forget i'm a huge oprah fan!

moving on there's still more being said about angelina jolie's weight crisis - claiming ms. jolie admitted she needs some help - we also got more drama for nicole richie and her unborn baby - apparently her pregnancy is very high risk but hopefully she'll be just fine - she's been running around sporting her growing baby bump plus her boobs have been growing in size too! at the bottom there's las vegas showmen siegfried & roy who are supposedly admitting that they are gay - don't anybody go into shock over that one!

inside there's also new details about the drama between kevin federline and britney spears - there's rumors of surveillance tapes that kevin has showing britney getting her drink on plus hitting k-fed with a frying pan and supposedly he's trying to get her mom lynne spears to testify against her own daughter when it comes time for a courtroom showdown - yikes! i knew that whole situation would be getting uglier! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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