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My Liza Minnelli Carries on

By popbytes

good evening y'all! i suppose since i'm gay that i was born with the gene that makes you love & worship liza minnelli to no end - gosh i freakin' adore her! just the other night i tossed on the DVD of liza with a 'z' her now classic & amazing NYC concert taped for television back in 1972! she is beyond talented - nothing can compare to her oscar-winning performance as 'sally bowles' in cabaret! although today she's a drop on the messy side - she is still tops for me! (thank heavens she got herself away from that creepy & ugly as homemade sin david gest - ugh - i can't stand him!) just the other night she performed in marbella (spain) at the puente romano hotel in costa del sol (pictures are posted below) i've never seen her live - oh my gosh - that would be my ultimate concert fantasy! in addition to the pictures - i've posted a quite campy video of ms. minnelli from back in '89 singing a song called don't drop bombs - i had never seen or heard of it until tonight - it's a must see! popbytes over & out for tonight - and long live my liza - xxoo!

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