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She Came She Saw It Was Shut - Paris Parfait ...

By Di

I am so shocked. The lovely Tara (Paris Parfait) and her husband David are in the UK at the moment and we met them in Corbridge for lunch. Corbridge is the home of the wonderful RE my all time favourite shop. Tara has wanted to visit this shop for ages.

We had coffee then walked around the corner to the shop and IT WAS SHUT. Shut Mondays - it said on the door. I wanted to cry. Tara was brilliant and did a great job of hiding her disappointment - such a gracious lady.

We did however have a great day and we brought Tara and David up to the cottage and showed them my workshop and some of the Ghost Furniture. We of course served them with English Tea and French Biscuits.

I can really recommend meeting up with other bloggers as this is the 2nd time for me in 2 weeks and each visit has been a delight.

Tarais taking me to the Brocante et aux Jambons in Paris in late September and on a visit to meet the owner of Agape - HEAVEN. Now I couldn't think of anyone better than Tara to take me around a Brocante as she has such an eye for antiques and she is such an interesting lady.

Being the gracious sole that I am I let her take most of the pictures today, besides she is much better than me at photography and I will let you know when she does her post on the visit. She has a great shot of her and I standing outside a CLOSED Shop.

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