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Dita Slips into Some Classic Louboutin's for Peta World Sits up and Takes Notice

By orladoherty

I love Dita von Teese, poo to all those who say she's fake burlesque, she's promoting a look that's a heck of a lot more awesome than most celebs. More respect for the lady comes with her choice of shoes in her recent (and much talked about) ad for Peta.

She's slipped elegantly into a pair of Louboutins and they're one of my favourites, the Mouche Zeppa. They're available in white, black or navy for $875 from Neiman Marcus, for those who simply must splurge. And I can't blame you for doing so, although I will be very very jealous.

See more celebrities with an eye for great shoes, and get your own!

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