Off Our Chests — the Self Esteem Act

Let’s face it — every day, we girls and women are bombarded with negative, unrealistic images about our bodies. Doesn’t it make you want to scream, or better yet, get it off your chest?

That’s the thinking behind a new website and blog, called Off Our Chests. It’s a place for girls and women (and everyone else!) to share their thoughts on body image, the media, and lots more. Their tagline is “Share Your Story — Change Hers.” We at AWS think it’s BRILLIANT!

Off Our Chests has also launched a new campaign, looking for more truth in advertising from the fashion, film, and entertainment industries. Most of us don’t know how heavily airbrushed and manipulated images in these movies and advertisements are, and it might make us feel bad about our own bodies. Off Our Chests is asking for labels that tell us all how much airbrushing or manipulating was done, much like the laws in England. I mean, seriously — look at magazine ads for foundation and powder, and you have to know those are airbrushed — nobody has skin THAT smooth! But when we look at those ads, if we don’t know they’ve been retouched, we’ll see our own skin as less-than-perfect. See? We need truth in advertising!

Let your voice be heard, ladies! Let’s get it Off Our Chests! Support the Self Esteem Act today!

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