NEW VIDEO! the Alliance - Tattoo Featuring Fabo of D4L | Goin’ Digital in STORES JULY 17th

“The tattoo, whether if it’s displayed in clothing apparel designs or directly on the skin, is an expression of a lifestyle that represents total individuality and freedom of expression.”

**The Alliance
Goin’ Digital
NCE Records / Asylum Records

Check out the new club banger from ATL representers, The Alliance featuring the always flamboyant Fabo of D4L.

The Alliance - Tattoo featuring Fabo of D4L VIDEO

Tat-Tat-Tatted Up!


NCE (Nothin Comz Eazy) Records is the movement. THE ALLIANCE is the click. Comprised of rappers BLACKOUT, P.O.P., SKINNY, female rapper BLISS, and in-house producer TY-CUTTA, their hit song “TATTOO” featuring FABO, is sweeping the nation faster than you can say “Tat-Tat-Tatted Up”. This club banger is one that’s not going anywhere! One thing is certain; regardless of your set, the fact of the matter is that The Alliance inked up just right! The tattoo, whether if it’s displayed in clothing apparel designs or directly on the skin, is an expression of a lifestyle that represents total individuality and freedom of expression.

Dripped in individuality, THE ALLIANCE, signed to Asylum / NCE Records, is able to hold it down as a group while each member is successfully able to rip the stage. As the brainchild of their manager, Q, THE ALLIANCE fulfills his vision that comprises of a strong unit but also one in which each member remains to stand on its own legs and reach the highest heights in music. They breed versatility and won’t allow themselves to be lumped into the ‘crunk’ category although the group is from Georgia. Instead, they want the world to know that they will eventually branch off in various directions with diverse sounds and solo projects. No one-hit wonders here! Instead they use THE ALLIANCE as a platform, just as the tattoo, as a vehicle for creative expression (and by the way- everyone in the group sports tattoos).

The mastermind behind the tracks is TY-CUTTA. A native of Atlanta, he is a very dynamic element to the group. A source of raw and untapped talent, TY-CUTTA, with the help of engineer Scott, brings diversity to the table with each beat. His clever way of assembling drums and kicks makes his beats undeniable to any ear. Able to keep his ear to the streets and to THE ALLIANCE crew, he is able to hear each distinct rhythm, flow, and style and pushes his music to the depths of his creativity.

Bliss, the sole female in the crew, always knew that she was destined for great things. After spotting rappers SKINNY, P.O.P. BLACKOUT and TY-CUTTA on-stage at a concert, the following actions changed the course of history for this sweet Georgia Peach. Jumping on stage to show off her lower back tattoo, this tiny femme-fatale, knew her destiny and claimed this concert as her opportunity to make a place in the rap game.

Holding down the crew with her recognizable flow, sex appeal, madd tattoos, and cool laid back stance, BLISS reps the click well and is the 1st lady of THE ALLIANCE.

Weighing in at 150 pounds with a head full of locks is SKINNY. Small, yet lyrically hard-hitting and full of energy, exudes a confident and compassionate lyricist. SKINNY, since age 11 has been writing the lyrics of his life and understood at an early age that he needed to become a financial don for his family. Overcoming challenges in the streets, music was his escape and his experiences make him an official street-music ambassador.

P.O.P. inspired by music, learned at an early age, to play musical instruments, namely the keyboard. Although heavily influenced by his family, he knows and understands the daily struggles of the streets. With his family by his side, he continues to work to stay focused on his passions and roots them in his music. Through their motivation, has elevated his music game from playing instruments to writing. His penmanship is evolving him into a lyrical genius.

Undergoing the struggles of living in a single parent home, crew member, BLACKOUT, used rap as his role model and escape. Instead of living up to the stereotype of what many anticipated BLACKOUT took full advantage of his time to develop his skills in free-styling. At an early age he was into word play. He took a strong liking to depth of poetry and the energy of rock and roll. As he grew older he made the two work for him and is able to successfully translate that into hip hop. Motivated by the past superiors of hip-hop BLACKOUT strives to inspire the younger generation of hip-hop like the greats of his time did for him.

In many eyes hip-hop can be seen as a source of negative energy, however, THE ALLIANCE uses its momentum to pull their personal experiences into a positive light. ‘Real Life’ is the underlying thread of THE ALLIANCE. Overcoming trials and tribulations is each of their life stories as urban youth. It is by their life experiences that they are able to relate to each other and bring their real life stories to masses of people. They use great strategy and the negativity and jealousy that they get from naysayers as a catalyst to continue making hot crossover material that their fans love and appreciate. While they remain humble and hungry as they add to the overall culture of hip-hop they want everyone to know they are about the business of strategically putting out music the fans want to hear and that Nothing Comes Easy.

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