Pileus Umbrella Jam Packed with Technology


Pileus Umbrella Jam Packed with Technology
Pileus Umbrella Jam Packed with Technology

An umbrella is an umbrella, or is it not? This is a searching question you must ask yourself when you lay your eyes on the Pileus umbrella. While it looks like the generic black umbrella carried around when closed, opening it will definitely blow your mind away. Attached to the handle of the Pileus is a projector which throws images and information up on the umbrella itself when open. The Pileus also feature an integrated digital camera that is capable of taking snapshots on the go while uploading them to social site Flickr via an available WiFi Internet connection. In addition, users will also be able to watch photo streams on Flickr and video streams on YouTube.

There is also a 3D Map Navigation feature powered by Google Earth which uses GPS technology to detect your current location, turning that into relevant visual information via the projector to bring you a splitting image of the real world from above. There is no official word on whether a hardware manufacturer has already taken up the task of producing the Pileus umbrella on a commercial scale. It would be a pity if the answer was in the negative.

Product Page via OhGizmo!

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