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New Guidelines on Liquids in Hand Luggage

By Ruth

The International Civil Aviation Organization has issued new global security guidelines regarding carrying liquids, gels and aerosols in hand luggages. These guidelines, which are already being observed in Europe, US and some Asian airports, will take effect in most international airports starting on June 1, 2007. Here are the important points to note:

1 Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels Must Be Placed in a Container Not over 100 Milliliters (or Equivalent Amount of Measure, I.e. Ounces). (It Doesn’t Matter if the Container is Just Half-full, Make Sure Its Capacity is Not More than 100 Ml.)

2 These Items Must Be Placed in a transparent Re-sealable Plastic Bag of a Maximum Capacity Not Exceeding 1 Litre

3 The Size of the Plastic Bag Must Not Exceed 20cm X 20cm (8 Inches X 8 Inches). (Small Zip-loc Bags Are Best.)

4 The Plastic Bag Must Be Presented for Visual Examination at the Airport Security Screening Point. Only One Transparent Plastic Bag per Passenger Will Be Permitted to Be Carried

5 Exemptions: Medication (with Prescriptions/medical Certificates), Baby Milk/food and Special Dietary Foods

To make it as hassle free as possible, just take what you absolutely must in your hand-luggage. Larger containers should go into your checked-in luggage.

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