Mystery Solved!

Remember when we first unveiled the hideous Louis Vuitton leopard bag? We all thought, what moron would buy this faux leopard and plastic piece of junk for $7,250? Well, we finally solved the mystery, it's none other than Jessica Simpson, who doesn't seem one bit embarrassed to be seen in public with this gross bag. And check out that big shit eatin' grin on her face, it says "No style and damn proud!". Go Jess! I bet she's got one of the Tribute Barf Bagsin her closet too. I know you Jessica fans are going to razz me and say she's beautiful, rich, and famous so she can do whatever she wants but no, that's not how it works here in Bag Snob world. It doesn't matter how pretty, how rich, or how famous you are. If you look like an idiot, we will point out the obvious. But that doesn't mean we don't like you! We do like Jessica and think she's super cute and smart, I mean who else can claim they launched an entire career on "Is it chicken? Or is it fish?"

What does everyone think? Snob or Slob?

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