Miu Miu Boston Bag VS Marc Jacobs Delancy Purse


Miu Miu Boston Bag VS Marc Jacobs Delancy Purse
Miu Miu Boston Bag VS Marc Jacobs Delancy Purse

August 2, 2007

Miu Miu Boston Bag VS Marc Jacobs Delancy Purse
At first glance you probably think you are looking at the same bag but different styles within the line. Well you aren’t. The two bags above are from two completely different high-end designers and as you can see, look almost identical. Yeah sure the bags look very similar, in that if you are walking down the street someone might mistake one for the other, but the only major difference besides what the eye at a distance can see, is the price of course.

First Miu Miu came out with the pleated-style long east-west Boston satchel then Marc-ey Marc Jacobs quickly designed up his own very similar version, the Delancy bag. The differences: The Marc Jacobs bag is available in a slightly darker color of brown (cognac) with brass hardware, rivet detailing, feet on the base, the designers embossed luggage tag, a removable shoulder strap, and cotton herringbone lining. On the other side, the Miu Miu oversized purse is dressed in a soft lamb leather in a lighter shade of brown (cammello) with shinny gold colored hardware, buckle detailing along the hand straps, the designers signature pasted on the side, and a removable shoulder strap.

Both bags look so similar to me that the only main bump in the decision would be the price. The Marc by Marc Jacobs retails for only $695, while the Miu Miu carries a double price tag of $1,287. Huge difference, my vote is for the MJ.

Discover the Miu Miu Boston Bag
Price: $1,287

Discover the Marc Jacobs Delancy Purse
Price: $695 *

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