Marni Balloon Bag Vs French Connection Polish Purse


Marni Balloon Bag Vs French Connection Polish Purse
Marni Balloon Bag Vs French Connection Polish Purse

August 8, 2007

Marni Balloon Bag vs French Connection Polish Purse
In this day in age it is not a shocker when you hear about a lower label replicating their designs after a high-end designer’s work. Forever21 is recognized for their huge selection of inspired-by handbags and even been hit with lawsuits like crazy lately from Diane von Furstenberg clothing to Gwen’s Harajuku purse line. Now French Connection has been caught for inspiring their handbags after Marni’s hit, the Balloon purse. The bag, which by the way retails for only $100, was produced by the fashion brand for the fashionista who loves the look but can’t afford Marni’s $1,600 bag.

If I had to choose either or, my vote would go out to the Marni Balloon Bag. The French Connection one just looks cheap and tacky, especially in that black patent pvc dress. The quality just isn’t there, which is to be expected for a $100 bag. I mean how long do you think this pvc plastic bag is going to last without showing some wear. If you are saying in your head “well I like the idea of saving a few bucks for a inspired-by purse,” then I suggest first you check out what eBay has to offer. There are a few sellers with new and slightly used Marni Balloon’s at reasonable prices.

Discover the Marni Balloon Bag
Price: $1,605
*or check them out on sale at ebay

Discover the French Connection Polish Purse
Price: $100

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