7 Mistakes Middle Aged Women Make ...


Most of us hate being called "middle aged" and tend to hang on tenaciously to our youth trying to forever look like we’ve just turned 18. In this obsession for eternal youth, most women in their middle age refuse to change. This results in terrible mistakes that make them look like a comical, sometimes pathetic caricature of their own self. Let’s look at the most common Mistakes Middle Aged Women Make and how you can avoid them.

1. Using the Wrong Kind of Makeup

In an effort to hide wrinkles and circles under the eyes, middle aged women tend to use concealers and powders with a liberal hand. However, this caked-up look can make you look even older. It’s better to apply makeup with a lighter touch. And, don’t forget to “update” your collection of powders, concealers, and foundations periodically.

Not Paying Attention towards Your Wardrobe
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