Michael Jackson Costumes up for Auction

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In yet another strange twist of fate for the ex-King of Pop, Michael Jackson is about to lose a number of his most iconic costumes, all because his family stopped paying rent at the storage facility where they were housed. After the family failed to pay the bill, the costumes were seized to cover the cost. Now dozens of hats, the Bill Whitten red coat pictured at right, and a countless number of crotch-grabbing gloves will go to the highest bidder.

Apparently Jackson tried, but was unable to stop the auction. However he was able to convince the storage facility to donate at least a percentage of the profits to charity -- which makes sense, as I'd be shocked if he'd run up a bill that he and/or the sale of the seized items wasn't able to cover.

So, if you really, really want a piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia, head to Las Vegas, where the auction is taking place. The former pop star was actually invited to sit in on the auction, so -- if you're lucky -- you might even get to see the man himself.
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