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New Artist Alert - Kovas

By steph

Kovas has an impressive list of production credits including a track on Nick Cannon’s album, a Levi’s Ad Campaign, Hip Hop Immortals DVD, and Madden 2008. Recently, he has released a solo EP, The Arrogance of Youth, available on ITunes.

Listen to the new single “Say What” from Kovas’ debut album The Arrogance of Youth.

**Kovas - The Arrogance of Youth
Available on Itunes**
“A little Punk, A little thug people call it Thunk.”….
Once there was a kid that was just as influenced by Nirvana as he was by Dr.Dre. Just as influenced by Radiohead as he was by Prince. On his 12th birthday he recieved a skateboard and a turntable and it forever changed his world. By skateboarding Kovas was introduced to kids with different world views. By spinning records on his turntable, he began to learn to DJ and developed a passion for music. Kovas began to write raps and music, inspired by the places, people and cultures he interacted with.Kovas’ father came to America for a better life, so Kovas was no stranger to adjusting to new ideas.

Soon his new friends introduced him to new sounds, new records, new ideas that weren’t familiar in his Brooklyn hood. So he began to pick up instruments and cultivate a sound all his own. Not relying on sampling to create his music, he began to compose soundtracks pulling from his Latin/Morrocaan background, Rock, Soul and Hip Hop influences.

Sometimes playing every instrument on his pieces, Kovas displays the musical proficiency seen in such artist as Dave Grohl, Lenny Kravitz, and Prince. With the diverse production chops of Rick Rubin, The Neptunes, Timbaland, and Dr. Dre. Kovas simultaneously created his own sound and his own genre of music. And he christened it Ghetto Beat. Now experience it for yourself!

(Thank you to Music Snitch for the links, photo and story)

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