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Message from Keith Urban on Rehab

By Wendy

This was posted on his official website; it’s a video message, but I’ve transcribed some of the more interesting bits:

There was no cataclysmic event before I went in (to the Betty Ford clinic), but just a series of small events…that were making my life unmanageable.

While I was in there I had my birthday, my record was released, I missed all the holidays, so it was a time of consequences (three months).

The reason it was so long was just what I was learning while I was in there. Abstinence is just the ticket into the movies, as they say…there was all this area of my life that I was learning about.

With each week that passed, I was really learning to surrender.

I had amazing support from everybody while I was in there. I felt very loved and supported, it made the time go by. I never felt alone.

It’s hard to quantify what I learned, but suffice to say it’s been one of the most impactful of my whole life. Thank you for your support.

I didn’t expect this kind of support, I truly didn’t. My wife stayed extraordinarily strong, and loving (Nicole Kidman).

It feels really good to have gone through it. I’m starting back on the road to doing what I love, which is playing music. I look forward to seeing you guys very soon.


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