Martha Stewart Rides a Stallion...

hey hey! tonight i've got martha stewart riding a stallion that stopped by her daytime talk show yesterday (the world famous lipizzaner stallions) i know it's not the most exciting thing ever but however i did get a kick out of the 'present' the horse left behind for ms. stewart (not that she has to clean it or anything like that) i have a huge love for horses - they are fascinating creatures - i'd love to own one (or two) someday! (special shout out to my pal christienne) i need to check out some horseback riding options in town - i believe there are stables up beachwood canyon where you can ride a horse around parts of griffith park - i need to check that out! although with my luck i'd be falling off and breaking my leg or some crap like that! same thing goes with skiing - if you can believe it - i've never skied once - i would totally kill myself - no thank you! for more of martha's in-studio horse visit - there's video over on the huffington post

anyways i'll try and find something good to post in the morning - right now the site is having some growing pains - i don't know what direction to take popbytes in - does anybody have suggestions of what you'd like to see more (or less) of? i just feel like it needs something new - like maybe another daily feature? more pictures? or maybe the best idea is to start doing a weekly video update featuring myself and all my many pets! (there's still one pet i have yet to post about - i really need to tell you all about him!) no worries i'll figure it out for sure - so please bear with me! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo! (oh my gosh - what i thought might be a lame post turned out to be semi-therapeutic for myself - woo hoo - we certainly don't need me coming unglued at the seams!)


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