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Marnis New Deflated Balloon Bag

By Jennifer

August 24, 2007

Marni’s New Deflated Balloon Bag
No you are seeing this correctly. The Marni Balloon bag that flew off store shelves last summer has not been deflated, this is just a new addition to the inflatable purse family.

The Marni Balloon’s new sister, this patent leather tote shares similar features and then some. This version looks so much more appealing, for those of us who don’t like the walking around with the flat balloon look. The not-so-poofy body comes in a deep rich purple glossy patent body with slight pleating down the front, but not too much to make it look balloon-ey. The contrast dark brown leather straps and corner tabs are decorated with a couple stud details that add just the right touch to finish the look. The straps are the most important part because who wants to fidget like every 2 minutes because our bag keeps falling off. Well Marni tackles this concerns with the thin slightly-thick handle straps and removable canvas shoulder strap. Although the attached shorter straps on this bag are short enough for carrying by hand or on arm and just long enough to comfortably carry over the shoulder. I would un-clip or tuck-in the additional strap given. It would also look so much better without.

The deep dark purple version is my favorite but if you are looking for something with autumn hues then you may want to check out They have a rhubarb-ish looking patent and also a dark dirt colored glossy patent version available.

Discover Marni’s New Deflated Balloon Bag
Price: $1,434

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