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Make Dining Alone More Palatable ...

By Mary

In my job, as with most who travel for business, there are times when people surround you, and times when you just want to be alone. One difficult dilemma for many travelers is the issue of dining alone.

When I mention dining alone, I’m not talking about ordering room service and eating in your room, or ordering up some take out, and working through your meal. I’m talking about going to a restaurant, and perhaps a nice one at that, and sitting down for a glass of wine and a decent meal. All that, and good service, too. Even the most intrepid traveler can be daunted by the prospect.

Solo Dining exists to try to make dining alone a little easier and enjoyable, with a lot less discomfort, by providing information about restaurants around the U.S. that are committed to good food and service for solo diners.

Some restaurants on the list have adopted a welcoming approach to solo diners, with special tables and/or amenities. Other restaurants have instituted a communal table, where solo diners can request seating, giving them an opportunity to meet other travelers who are also dining alone. Since most solo diners are traveling on business, it would be interesting to learn how much networking is happening over these communal meals.

Also at Solo Dining you’ll find tips about dining alone, starting with making the reservation, how to suggest solo dining amenities to your favorite restaurant, and how to discover a restaurant that is solo friendly. A quick review shows tips on the following topics: how to get a decent wine when ordering by the glass, tipping, and reading in a fine dining restaurant.

Although the website isn’t terribly easy to navigate, and it can be difficult to find tips on the topic you are interested in, there is a nice listing, by state, of restaurants who go out of their way to welcome solo diners.

Do you have a tip for solo dining? Or maybe know a restaurant that is particularly welcoming to solo diners? If so, please share your information in the comments.

NOTE: February 1-7 is Solo Diners Eat Out Week. Give it a try!

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