Livin La Vida Low Carb

Yeah, its that time of year - I am sure I will shut up talking about diet and exercise soon - but for now, I’m still working it out on my fab elliptical machine and trying to watch what I eat. So I’m talking about it.

I have been a proponent of a low carb diet from the first time I ever tried it - breaking that craving for sugar/carbs was every bit as horrid as quitting smoking. Well, darned near that bad. With withdrawals that are that bad, I have NO doubt that sugar must be truly awful for your body. And mine. Of course, I am sucked right in to a sugar addiction at the moment - the worst thing for me to give up is milk. I LOVE milk, and always have. Way too much. So anyway, I have been thinking about getting regimented here.

In December, when my dear friend Hsien was recognized by Dr. Manny at FOX as one of the best health blogs, I discovered another blog and podcast that haven’t been around for too long, but have been getting amazing traffic - the Livin La Vida Low Carb blog and podcast , by Jimmy Moore. I have been reading the blog a bit, but listened to the podcast today for the first time, and its interesting - Jimmy is quite lively and the podcast is long enough to give valuable info, and short enough so you arent stuck listening for what seems like forever. Good stuff, check it out if you haven’t.

And tell me what you are doing to shed those unwanted pounds. I am shopping around for something that works - cause I need it!

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