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Lindsay's Dad Gives Statement to Paparazzi

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In the wake of her DUI arrest, Lindsay Lohan's father gave a statement to paparazzi agency x17:

"Lindsay needs to find God, get better, clean house and start all over again with the people who were there for her at the beginning: her family. Too many people are around Lindsay for the wrong reasons. They want to see what they can get from her instead of caring about Lindsay herself. I'm her father. I don't want anything from her but her love and to be her father first. I'm here for Lindsay as a father and a father only.

And it's about time that her mother Dina stop building up the walls of division between myself and my children - especially Lindsay. And if Dina really cares about our children - especially Lindsay - then she should do the right thing so we can both be there as parents. Because what Lindsay needs are both parents. I wish Dina would put things aside and act the way God wants us to: right the wrongs and not compound the wrongs.

I hope Lindsay finally gets the help that she needs. I want her to know that her Daddy is here for her."

Does it strike anyone else as hideous that this man spoke to a paparazzi agency about people who "see what they can get from her instead of caring about Lindsay"? The poor girl never stood a chance with parents as f-ed up as Dina and Michael Lohan.

In related news, Svedka vodka has withdrawn its offer of sponsorship for Lindsay Lohan's 21st birthday party in Vegas, reportedly after deciding it would look irresponsible to be associated with the recently rehabbed, DUI-driving actress.

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