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ReHab SmeHab - Blohan Gets a DUI ...

By Leisa

Lindsay Lohan crashed her Benz into a curb at 5:30 am this morning in Hollywood and was later arrested under suspicion for a DUI and cocaine possession.

The 20-year-old actress was slightly injured when her 2005 Mercedes SL-65 convertible struck a curb and shrub on Sunset Boulevard. The car suffered "major damage," according to police.

Lohan and two other people were in the vehicle when it crashed around 5:30 a.m., Lt. Mitch McCann, media relations officer for Beverly Hills police department, said during a press conference Saturday. The star was hospitalized for minor upper chest injuries. The passengers were not hurt.

Police learned of the accident when they received a 911 call at 5:30 a.m. There was also a witness on the scene, but police do not know if the same person called 911. By the time authorities responded, three minutes after the call, Lohan, her companions and the car were gone from the scene.

Lohan was later located by police at the Century City Hospital. Her car was found at a nearby condo complex and towed at 6:30 a.m. Police won't say how they know that the actress was driving, but say they're "confident" that she was.

At the press conference McCann said: "A usable amount of an illegal narcotic tentatively identified as cocaine was recovered and booked." Police would not specify where the drugs were found.

"She was charged with a misdemeanor," said McCann. "There is a potential for additional charges."


Police tell TMZ that 20-year-old Lohan and two other adults were in her 2005 Mercedes SL-65 convertible when she lost control and crashed into a curb and trees in Beverly Hills, Calif. around 5:30 AM. After the crash, police say LiLo got into another car and was driven to Century City Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries that involved "something to her upper chest area." The two other people in her car were not hurt they said.

Officers received a 911 call about the accident and "tracked Ms. Lohan to the local hospital, where she was ultimately placed under arrest" for investigation of misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Lt. McCann said it appeared as if Lohan was speeding and lost control.

Lohan was cited and released and will have to face a judge.


Click HERE to see Splash's exclusive video of Lindsay at various stages of the night and then fleeing the accident scene in another car, returning to retrieve her ride and drive it home.

I know from experience, nothing good ever happens if you are still out after 5am. Nothing.

source - People & TMZ

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