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Pop Nosh Lindsay Lohan Does Rehab take 2 ...

By popbytes

isn't the 3rd time the charm? which means lindsay lohan will be in rehab one more time after this!

here's lindsay lohan the night after her drama started! is she drunk - high - or just super tired?

it's so true - everyone loves a good catfight! expect fur to fly if jessica b runs into cameron d!

what's up with 'danity kane'? just have a look at aubrey o'day who looks a bit worn out these days

jennifer aniston spent part of the holiday weekend w/ her BFF courteney cox-arquette at the beach!

enrique iglesias and anna kournikova are no longer an item - leaving two gorgeous people single...

amy winehouse's mum is speaking out! she's worried that amy might be too darn skinny these days...

i hope you already ate your lunch! these pics of john travolta eating could turn off your appetite

michael jackson had to cut short his $10 million dollar appearance because he felt 'sick' - oi vey

courtney love may be off drugs but she's still acting like a loon! she wants messy pete doherty...

miss USA took a tumble last night - here's the hilarious video - i love watching people fall down!

want to know what nickname paula abdul's friends secretly call her behind her back? think 'drool'!

ms. rihanna is really turning up the heat for the upcoming release of her album good girl gone bad

ashley judd became overjoyed when her hubby won the indy 500 race & danced around in the rain!

charles nelson reilly passed away at the age of 76! gosh he was such a character - he'll be missed

heather locklear's bikini is way too small - but i guess some people find that to be a perfect fit

there's no love between rosie o'donnnell & elisabeth hasselback - rosie won't ever speak to her...

curious on how jenna jameson is doing? she looks a drop healthier - but she's still so damn skinny

jessica simpson & john mayer when down to mexico to work things out but actually started fighting!

the 3rd pirates film opened weaker than expected (probably because the film sounds like a mess!)

paolo nutini last request**what the buck?** skank edition!

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