Lindsay Lohan's Setup Scam

I’m not sure what to think about the recent Lindsay Lohan rumors. Do you think she could have been set up by friend Samantha Ronson? According to Celebrity Babylon, she was:

[W]hile her DJ pal Samantha Ronson, 29, looks like she’s there to help her pal through thick and thin, she’s really reportedly making a tidy profit on the side, shilling Lohan, 20, out to photographers eager to get her photo looking passed out and wasted. “There were three of them crammed into the Mercedes sports car and Samantha was the one that had the cocaine with her [and] made a side trip to a gas station.” A source tells Celebrity Babylon, “The car was only down a quarter tank, and yet Samantha stopped for gas. She has a side deal with a photo agency and they paid her to make the pit stop!” If that wasn’t shocking enough, sources say that it was Ronson Lindsay later questioned […] about leaving [the cocaine] in the car for the cops to find.

Oooh. Sounds like trouble. But while there’s all this negative stuff floating about, others have stepped up to the plate and wished Lindsay well. I’m actually pretty impressed with model Lauren Hastings, who submitted a clip wishing Lindsay Lohan well at Promises. I think it would be pretty hard to get over the whole clothes fiasco, really. Go here to check it out.

So do you think Lindsay was set up?

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