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Lepaparazzi News Update Christina Aguilera's Naked Sundays

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Christina Aguilera has spoken out about how her and her music exec husband Jordan Bratman keep their marriage exciting: naked Sundays!

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Wednesday, Aguilera said: “We claim ourselves to be the coziest couple ever. We have something called naked Sundays.”

According to People magazine, the Back To Basics star then went on to explain: “You have to keep marriage alive, spice it up. On Sundays we just do everything in the house, and we're just cozy and laid back. We don't need to go anywhere, we're just with each other. We do everything naked. We cook naked."

Whatever next: Dirrty Thursdays perhaps?

Teri Hatcher Denies Plastic Surgery Rumours

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Teri Hatcher has denied the plastic surgery rumours currently spreading across the internet, and revealed that she constantly checks everything that is written about her.

Speaking to Glamour she says: “I don't use Botox or Restylane and I've never had any surgery, no matter what you've read."

"That's the one downside to fame – on any one day you can find loads of hideously mean things said about you online” she added.

That’s that cleared up then.

The 42-year old star of Desperate Housewives is currently dating the amusingly named director Peter Kay.

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