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So We Wish Skinny Models Are out

By Anne

That was an interesting poll, thanks for all who has voted... Almost half(47) voted "I hate them... they are on their way out"... (I did too...) And some people don't really care or bother to think about it...and yet there are skinny lovers who support them all the way through.... Glad to hear different voices.

I remember reading on someone's blogs earlier today saying ..."ugly is the new pretty" (fan of Ugly Petty I guess? )... which I couldn't agree. I'd say "conferdent is the new pretty" or "attitude is the new pretty". When you pick up your head, just a little, that changes your entire look no matter what you are wearing or what kind of figure you have.

So, this week, I couldn't help but wondering and asking all of you to fulfill my curacity, what is your favorite style? Are you a trendy slave; it's all about me or up for nothing but label? You can add new answers if you wish too and I am sure that there are much more interesting answers other than the ones I've listed it out... So feel free to vote on the side bar and let your voice out.
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