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Lepaparazzi News Update Britney Spears No Panties Photos Inspired by Brad Pitt Film?

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As the world tries to figure out exactly what Britney Spears was thinking when she went on her no panties world tour 2006 all around Los Angeles the theories run the gamut. Some believe the young mother of two just wanted to give her career a boost by creating a buzz.

Britney Spears No Panties Photos Inspired by Brad Pitt Film?

That was the whole idea behind that now famous lesbian kiss with Madonna on nationwide television from the MTV stage in 2003.


So I'm fairly certain these crotch shots were planned to get Britney back to the top of the search engines and back on newscasts and Internet blogs.

Certainly as sad as the display was - she accomplished that. I saw the flashbulbs popping on Britney from CNN to my local news and of course the entertainment media online was all over the scandal.


Now veteran gossip Janet Charlton takes a stab at Britney's mindset. Charlton writes that someone offered up the theory that perhaps Britney was inspired by the Brad Pitt film Babel.

I have yet to see the film but Janet reports that a main character, played to perfection by Rinko Kikuchi, is a disturbed mute Japanese schoolgirl who is desperate for attention.

She leaves her underpants at home and flashes startled onlookers in restaurants and such. Apparently the looks on their faces are gratifying to her. Maybe the newly single Britney was crying out for help with the same inappropriate behavior.


I don't think I can see Britney watching Babel, but one never knows.
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Tori Spelling's Estate Sale Is a Success

Tori SpellingTori Spelling was swamped by fans on Friday, who swarmed her Studio City, California home to buy items from her estate sale. Hordes of fans stared queuing as early as 5:30 a.m. for a chance to look through the star's personal items at her highly-publicized garage sale. A handful of news crews, several print reporters, a news helicopter and Spelling's own reality TV crew all showed up to cover the festivities.

The star, who is five months pregnant told People, "This is a little weird, but I'm okay."

Security guards were hired to control the crowd, who were required to sign release forms before they were allowed to enter the site. Items up for sale ranged from a used Sephora lip gloss for $1, her dog Mimi La Ru's shampoo for $20, a used pair of Marc Jacobs designer round-toe shoes for $125 and a pair of white aged Grecian urns for $7,500.

Spelling sent a note to neighbors apologizing for any inconvenience, explaining she obtained the required permits and that it would take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The actress said she wanted to clean house as she enters a new phase in her life adding, "I had to break away from the past and be ready to start anew."

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