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Mel Rose and Jeremy Piven Are a New Item

By ingrid

The rumor/gossip mill is aflame with news that Mel Rose and Jeremy Piven were seen ‘canoodling’ at the HBO party/InStyle bash. Kristin Veitch of E! Online says:

Jeremy Piven Has a New Girl: Or at least, that’s certainly the way it looked, as Mr. Ari Gold spent the whole night (beginning with the HBO party and ending at InStyle’s bash) canoodling and kissing a certain TV personality you CW fans know very well (and quite frankly, love to hate). The Piv’s new mystery woman is none other than (drumroll, please): Melrose Bickerstaff, the runner-up from the most recent season of America’s Next Top Model! Can you stand it? The two were extremely close all night, holding hands, flirting, smooching and displaying all sorts of couple-like behavior.

Jeremy’s official date was his mother, but she spent most of the night hanging out with Perrey Reeves (who plays Jeremy’s wife on Entourage), while Piven and Hellrose partied it up. (All I can say is that Jeremy must not have watched the latest cycle of Top Model, or he’d know what kind of melodramatic kookiness he’s in for! I know, I know. It was “all in the editing.”)

Well, well.

Why do you guys think of this? I love Jeremy Piven … but Mel Rose? Oy. Or hey .. maybe “Hellrose” really was just a product of the editing.

I like to be optimistic…

Via | E! Online

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