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Date: Labor Day Weekend, September 2005
How we met: It's CPGH
Previous flirtations: I'd say so. Over five years' worth.
What we did:
I have had a few questions about what happened with me and CPGH. When I started this blog, I honestly thought it was a possibility that it would close with an engagement to him. Turns out I was wrong.

CPGH flew me in to a friend's wedding in Pittsburgh, where we took in a ballgame and generally enjoyed ourselves as always. From there, we flew to Atlanta, driving the 5.5 hours to Tallahassee for the Florida State/Miami game. We had fun as we always do on our road trips. The game was great, with CPGH's Seminoles winning, and the tailgating was spectacular. From there, we went to the panhandle of Florida for a few days on the beach (and in the hotel room).

On the way home, in the middle of Alabama, I got a phone call from a friend. The guy is like a brother to me, and we have grown up together. He is Jewish, and fell in love with a Catholic girl. For years--as many as CPGH and I had been together at that point--they have been dating, first in New York, then she moved to California, so they did the cross-country thing. I asked my friend how things were, and he said they were still trying to work things out.

When I hung up, I told CPGH they still hadn't worked it out. My own personal Catholic man said, "You know, we never had the religion talk." I was shocked. Everybody in my circle of friends knows that I will be having non-Church-attending, Jewish kids. (Yes, I know I have a propensity for Catholics, but I always drop a hint at the beginning of the relationship about having Jewish kids, and detail it I had with Mr. CPGH).

So I say, "Oh yes we did. You agreed with what I said."
CPGH: "That was just because I didn't want to fight about it."
Me: "So I have wasted six years of my life thinking you could be the One for something we could have taken care of in the first week?"

As you can guess, NOT a fun ride home. Of course, we get back to his place in Atlanta and I need to sleep there before catching an early flight. He actually put the moves on me. Some of my last words to CPGH in person: "You have got to be kidding me."

When I got home, we had a final, tearful conversation to confirm the end. Basically, he had always thought I would allow Church on holidays. Nuh-uh. ("Hey kids, for today, there's a messiah! Tomorrow, no messiah! Ya got that?") We haven't spoken since then, though I did start email conversation back up--ironically at Christmas, when I sent him an email to let him know I was thinking of him on that day, his first Christmas since his mother had died suddenly.

It's funny, though...after we broke up for good, it was like a weight was lifted. I no longer had to think about him as a possible husband. I could date unencumbered (and really took advantage of it! Look at my quality October boys!! =D)

He has since moved to Florida. We exchange an occasional email, but it's all very surface level. On my birthday last month, he sent me two cards, one via email one via mail, both signed "Love, (CPGH)" Sigh.

Nickname: Two meanings: Conveniently Platonic, Generally Handsome and Crooked Penis, Great Hands.
How long it lasted: It's over forever.

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