Happy. Things with Lit Prof Are Going Outstanding...


Things with Lit Prof are going outstanding. He introduced me to his friends last night-- and I really liked them. I can`t get enough of this guy. The truly amazing part is that he seems to feel the same way. We discussed how we really should be trying to take things at a slower pace, and not be so "available".

Yeah, whatever.

The conclusion of that conversation was a mutual, "F that". I wanna see him, he wants to see me, so what`s the problem?? Damn right, there is none.

Well, there is one small problem. I`m not getting near enough sleep. It`s been awhile since I shared a bed with a man. LP and I have been learning the many different ways in which we can entwine ourselves to sleep. It feels wonderful, but I`ve yet to figure out how to sleep solidly this way. Really, I`m not complaining though. I`m hoping that the sheer exhaustion factor will force us to just pass out and break the sleepless barrier.

And yeah, the sex is stellar. That isn`t helping the sleep thing either.

Leave it to V to find something to complain about, right?

Anyway, tonight we are meeting up again to go see a lecture on race relations and popular culture. I love the fact that we can do this kind of stuff together. Friday night, he`s cooking for me.

Yep. This is going well alright.

I`m going to go out on a limb here in terms of defying the blog-curse and just say it: Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears that I have a boyfriend.


Now, if only I could stop thinking about him long enough to get some work done.....

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