The Short Drunk Guy


The Short Drunk Guy
The Short Drunk Guy

Date: October 2005
How we met: JDate
Previous flirtations: Emails, phone calls
What we did:
The Short Drunk Guy picked the place. He picked one right by his apartment, as he does not have a car. I was quite tempted to tell him that there are these crazy vehicles that run underground (i.e. the T), but didn't want to get into it. I have tried to convince myself that when a guy chooses a place near his house, I can't take points off....of course, they ain't exactly winning any, either.

I arrive at the selected bar at the appointed time. No Short Drunk Guy. I call him, and he says he is just leaving his home. Unbelieveable. I walk out of the bar and into the bookstore next door. I am considering going home when my phone rings. I pick it up, expecting it to be Short Drunk Guy, but it's just a buddy of mine. The Short Drunk Guy beeps in a moment later so I meet him at the bar.

He's my height. Conversation flows well, mostly about sports. I have two beers, he has three. He is drunk off of these three beers.

He walks me to my car. He's slurring, talking loudly about the cops who are parked illegally on the sidewalk. Argh. Peck on the cheek, and I'm in my car, driving away.

Nickname: Short and drunk, just the way I like 'em.
FDS: 2 out of 10
How long it lasted: 1 date

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