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Kensington Ci Lifestyle Collection Mice Review

By Chip

Keyboards and mice tend to not be the most stylish peripherals, but Kensington set to change that perception with its Ci Lifestyle Collection. Designed in partnership with a design firm in San Francisco, the mice and keyboards in the collection were created to not only work well but to look good too. We got a chance to work with some of these new mice, including the rouge colored Ci70le Wireless Mouse and the Ci75m Wireless Notebook Mouse that is available in black or orange and silver.

Set-Up / Installation:
The mice come with a standard USB receiver. We tried using each of them on a computer running Windows Vista, and a Mac running OS X. Both operating systems picked up the mice right away with out a hitch.

Both of the mice have excellent sensitivity and are very responsive. Inside the Ci70le and the Ci75m is a 1000 dpi performance optical sensor which shined. I was able to use the mice from as far away as 6 feet from their receivers. However at about 6 feet away from the receiver, the mice start to lose their responsiveness. Also, the scroll wheel at the top of the mice works well and does a good job of scrolling through web pages and other documents. (more…)

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