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Kate Winslet's Hollywood Life ...

By popbytes

good evening y'all! oh tomorrow is going to be a big long day...the oscar nominations will be announced (by the lovely salma hayek) at 5:30am (los angeles time) and i'm going to try to bust out of my bed around then so i can watch beyonce get snubbed live (i'm sorry girl but i just don't think you're going to make the cut but i still love ya) for me the most pleasant surprise would be to see the amazing and wickedly talented laura dern nab a best actress nomination for her incredible tour de force performance in kooky david lynch's very bizarre but quite brilliant & haunting inland empire but that's a long shot just like ms. knowles...and as for jennifer hudson she already has the gold statue in her bag...she'll for sure win an oscar - count on it!

however we may see kate winslet nab another oscar nod for her work in little children which i still haven't seen! this year i'm going hardcore people - i'll make sure between tomorrow and the oscar ceremony (feb 25th) that i see all the films nominated so i'll be able to provide the most in-depth (and hopefully witty) live oscar coverage popbyes has ever done! (oh my word i just made a big commitment but i'll keep it!) so to kick-off some oscar buzz there's ms. winslet looking stunning & gorgeous on the cover of **hollywood magazine** - although i can't stand titanic (it was good back then but i'm over it now) she has always been great (and like a broken record if you haven't seen the life of david gale - it's a total popbytes must-see) i'm over & out for now and hopefully i'll be seeing you all super early tomorrow...xxoo! (i'm so not a morning person - i'm like a zombie - nights work much better for me - tomorrow night promises to be good though as i'll be seeing mika live!)

PS make sure to check **film experience** for all the oscar nomination chatter...just like my dear nathaniel i'm beside myself with excitement!

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