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Just Waiting

By Di

I hate waiting. I get so impatient when I can't find the things to finish items of my Ghost Furniture. Here's some pieces waiting with me.

Waiting for a Wine Table to for this ornate wine bottle holder, goblet and a bunch of fabric grapes that the lovely Constance made from a picture of my favourite marble ones, I bought in Rome - isn't she clever.

Waiting to go to the upholsterer. I experiment before I send them off and this beauty is being covered in black canvas which will be handpainted in copper.
Isn't that existing fabric hideous?

Waiting for some room. This Art Deco drinks cabinet has all sorts of weird and wonderful drawers and swivelly things inside and it is massive. I need to clear my workshop of some work in progress to finish with this one. The 1930s steel champagne cocktail glasses (is there such a thing?) and cocktail shaker will be fixed to the top.

Waiting for me to be inspired. I wake nights thinking what I can do with this. I bought it because I loved the shape but now I'm stumped.

These are genuine Lurashell Chairs covered in their original bright orange fun fur (well worn). When I find the right fabric to cover these two I will be a happy person. I've had them for a year and a half so don't hold the front page. Whoever buys them can have the original covers also.

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