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Janet Jackson's Feedback - Remix Style

By popbytes

good morning y'all! i must admit to being quite pumped up over the upcoming **janet jackson** album discipline which is releasing on february 26th (plus she's got a world tour in the works!) the first single off the album feedback is totally growing on me - i know it hasn't been the huge hit that she was hoping for but i don't care about sales figures and all that jazz (i did just hear it on the radio the other day - a total pleasant surprise) i'm a huge fan of ms. jackson and have been for a very long time - and girlfriend can do no wrong - i will stand by her until the end!

however there is one thing that has been bothering me (although i haven't lost sleep over it - yet!) is the drummed up competition between janet and mariah carey - who also has a new album coming out about a month after ms. jackson called that chick (april 1st) i'm also a big mariah fan (oh gosh i love my mimi!) they're both so different to me - i can't stand how they're being pitted against each other! i couldn't imagine going all 'sophie's choice' with them - i could not pick who i would save! anyways this morning is all about janet - i've got an awesome remix of feedback for your listening pleasure (and ms. carey will also have time to shine here on popbytes!) i'm over & out for now...xxoo! (btw i hope the weather by you has been better than los angeles' recent rash of cold & rainy weather - i'm losing my mind - i need sun!)

» listen to janet jackson's **feedback - giving feedback club mix** (.mp3 8.9mb)

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