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Jen Aniston amp Laura Dern - Payback Time

By popbytes

hey hey! this week's **STAR** magazine has a bit on new BFF jennifer aniston & laura dern ganging up on angelina jolie who 'stole their men'...yet let's not forget it takes two to tango! i'm not going to blame ms. jolie at all for jen & laura's failed relationships but both ladies do share the distinction of having been with a man that ended up in angelina's arms! (please remember i haven't taken sides...i love angelina & jennifer!)

i'd love to see these two actresses do something together - maybe ms. dern can do a guest stint on the upcoming second season of dirt which thankfully was picked up again along with the riches - she could do something on that show too - FX needs to woo laura - girlfriend actually needs her own series - if you haven't seen her amazing & super haunting tour de force performance in david lynch's incredible epic inland empire - it's a must see! (the DVD will be released in august but it's still making the rounds at some theaters!) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

new best friends jennifer aniston and laura dern have plenty to talk about - angelina jolie! the leading ladies have each lost a man - brad pitt and billy bob thornton - to seductive siren angie, and a source tells star they're now indulging in juicy gossip sessions about her! "they're looking for a project to do together and discussing scripts, but they also love to dish about angie," says the source...

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