7 Interesting Facts about Potatoes …


Potato chips, French fries, mashed potatoes and a little something every mom makes best – oven baked potatoes. Yup, we sure love this crop and eat a lot of it, but is that enough to make us wish to know more about it? To find out some of the most interesting facts about potatoes and share them with others? Well, I hope the answer is, “yes”, because I have dug up 7 interesting facts about potatoes for you today.

1. They Are Ancient

And I mean literally! Incas were the first ones to feast on this delicious crop way back in 200 BC, then it was reintroduced to society back 1500’s and it remained the most popular side dish to this date. Now, if I remember the story correctly, potatoes were actually considered poisonous and, as such, played a very big role in the plot to poison the king. The king ate what his enemies thought will be his last meal and, oh the shock, lived to ask for another portion… and another… and another.

Royalty Loved Them
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