Immovable Feast?

For anyone who has been following the Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton script and John Gulager's vision, according to Sean Decker on, Feast is into additional shooting this week in preparation for the September 22nd release.

This is the last week of July and they're shooting another five days?

Melton says that “Feast will be in 100 of the nation’s top markets, and show at two theaters at midnight on Friday and Saturday, with no further screenings scheduled".

So, let me get this straight -- two theaters in each of 100 markets on September 22nd and 23rd at midnight only? And the point is? I'm sure there are logical and economic reasons for all this, but they escape me. The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe Feast is really a direct to DVD but they are releasing it in a few markets for publicity prior to the release of the DVD on October 17th or because of a contractual requirement to release it in theaters?

**UPDATE 7/24/06 -- Marcus Dunstan sent me this comment:

"That is the state of things as of this week. FEAST will have another week of filming come to a close on Tuesday and if half of what was shot makes it in to the final cut...whew! It will be unrated. That means: Midnight Madness. The studio left John completely alone to shoot whatever he wanted. That is worth whatever the cost release-wise. Would'a been great to blanket the country but we'll take what we can get." Marcus Dunstan

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