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Hallows Eve

By Fashion

I haven't dressed up for halloween since middle school. In fact, the concept completely slipped my mind--I figured from there on out halloween would be limited to handing out scumptious mini candy bars to eager kids in unimaginative costumes. But then I came to college and it's like I'm twelve again: halloween is a huge deal! Last night I was in my room for three hours straight studying for an exam while half of the girls on my floor were getting ready to hit some halloween parties. With all of the chaos going on around me, I managed to learn one thing: apparently in college, halloween is little more than an excuse to, well, vamp it up. I saw flirty fallen angels, provocative baseball players, sexy '40s gangsters, naughty school girls, dirty devils, and more. So much skin was shown, in fact, that girls should have just gone as beach babes in swimsuits = same amount of skin, a lot less trouble. I love the idea of halloween and I love dressing up, but what happened to clever, hip "How did you thin k of that?" costumes. A friend and I settled on "cave women" with animal print tanks, legg in gs, chunky necklaces, and a bone in place of a clutch (and that was decided mainly because we wanted an excuse to buy the adorable tanks), but I almost wish I would have put more creativeness in it. If I had an unlimited halloween fund, I would go as... - Kate Moss : super-skinny jeans, black skimmers, a scarf handwrap, and a black tunic + jacket combination. Perhaps a little powdered sugar around the nose, just to get the message across? - Anna Wintour : chic trench, sky high stilettos, impeccable hair, and giant sunglasses day and night. Carry around a fabulous tote (only designer labeled will do and an issue of Vogue. Don't forget the pursed lips. - Mary Kat e and Ashley : 1) Grab your pal 2) Rat y our hair 3) Smear on makeup 4) To ss on as many random clothes as you can handle, top off with heels and a handful of ne cklaces 5) Grab your largest tote, darkest tights, and shabbiest beret and do not forget: no consuming chocolate, candy, or anything other than Starbucks coffee. - Rachel Zoe : Extra-bronze makeup (add a few wrinkles if you please) and tons of gold jewelry are necessities. Any flowy, floor-length gown and spiky heels will do. Even better, have your friends dress as Mischa, Nicole Richie, and Rachel Zoe's other "girls." What fabulous costume do you have up your sleeve? Have a spooktacular Halloween! -tf [...]

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