Today Has Been on the Sucky Side


Today Has Been on the Sucky Side
Today Has Been on the Sucky Side

Today has been on the sucky side of suck.

The weather sucked. That's for starters. Then three sucks followed it.

The first suck was when I tried to find a physician today mentioning that I used HIP as an insurance provider. HIP is the po' person's insurance. Doctors hate it. As a result, many doctors were not taking new patients when I mentioned it.

The second suck is that I had a doctor's appointment for a check-up today (the first I had gotten with the new insurance). When I walked into the office mid-day, the doctor was screamed on the phone something about a patient needing six bottles. He got so frustrated that he slammed down the phone and cancelled his appointments for the rest of the day. I left work for this?

The final suck was when I left work to go to the car, the battery died. It was the sort of dead that doesn't get better again without waiting an hour for a tow and a new $100 battery. Two separate people tried jump-starting it to no avail. It was dead like Ron Palillo's career.

I was so frustrated, I ate crap for dinner and got home too late to work out.

Anybody ever have a day like this?

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