I Love MAC Eye Shadows

By Christina

I Love MAC Eye Shadows

No big secret there, eh? My dearest gf turned me on to MAC many, many years ago (really, too many to discuss any further). I love this new (and temporary!) MAC Originals collection - it is chock full of classics - every color in the collection is well loved and brilliant. I am quite sure I have some of these already in my collection, but better get them while the getting is good. In the picture above, I am sporting Mineralize foundation (yes, I am busting out trying some new foundations!), Indigo eye pencil, Memorabilia eye shadow (the purple), Steel Blue pigment (I don’t know why I like “bruise” color combinations, but I do!), and Mascara X. In the full face picture, you can see the lip color, Back to Del Rio. Don’t I look glamorous this morning for still being in my jammies? Time to get dressed. :)

If you haven’t yet, go enter the MAC Originals contest at maccosmetics.com. They are accepting entries until January 31st, 2008.

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