Harry Potter Fashion Icon?


Harry Potter Fashion Icon?
Harry Potter Fashion Icon?

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Amidst all the hype for both the fifth Harry Potter movie, and the series' final novel, you'd expect to see Harry, Ron and Hermione's faces plastered all over the place -- but do they belong in style magazines?

Teen Vogue thinks so, as they featured the trio in what looked more like a fashion shoot than a movie promo. The magazine even created a "special fashion timeline" so you can see how the star's style evolved over the years -- both on screen and off.

And the Brisbane Times tells us that Potter-inspired fashion has infiltrated the muggle world in a number of ways. The first big impact Harry had on the fashion scene was making small, round spectacles cool again; and now the whole cast is influencing the recent "geek chic" trend, with their preppie, boarding school attire. Capes and hooded robes have also been spotted on runways this season.

Personally, I think it might be the other way around -- that pop-culture fashion has influenced both the actors and the costume designs for their characters -- but who knows? Maybe the magic of Harry Potter really is taking over the world -- one fashionista at a time.
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