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GOYA Bag by Oscar De La Renta

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Bag Snob pick of the Season: Oscar de la Renta's GOYA bag in Graphite Shagreen is expected to have a waitlist a mile long, call you local boutique now to reserve one!!! (Dallas boutique- 214-346-0400, ask for Mindy)

I know you have been waiting all week to hear more about the GOYA in Graphite Shagreen from Oscar de la Renta and I don't blame you. We are totally excited about it as well and knew the minute it appeared on the ODLR runway that it would be a hit. What we didn't know, however, is that it is made of a rare and unusual soft stingray skin. As most of you know, stingray leather (often called shagreen) is usually quite stiff and heavy but Oscar scoured the world's finest tanneries to find this pliable and stunning shagreen for his GOYA bag. The details of the bag are ultra luxe, the "invisible" seams (the pieces of shagreen are patched on to a soft and gorgeous metallic gray leather which is also the interior of the bag, you can literally turn it inside out and the interior is just as meticulously made as the exterior!) keep the lines of the bag clean and unstructured, and the subtle side piping holds the stylish rounded shape. This bag appeals to both Kelly and I even though we have totally different tastes- she is a casual and easy going type of girl and I am as high maintenance and demanding as they come so it is indeed quite rare for us to both lust for the same bag!

The GOYA fits all of my requirements for a must have bag; it is elegant (for my many social obligations), timelessly stylish (this is a bag I can pull out 30 years from now and still love), roomy without overwhelming- 16"wx10"hx8"d (as a busy working mother, my bags have to fit both mine and my toddler son's needs), it is soft and folds flat for travel (so I'll have more room to pack my Oscar dresses), and its simple lines and logo free leather is impossibly chic (which means I can wear just about anything and look well groomed!). The GOYA will also be available in leather but the shagreen is the one for me (see how high maintenance I am?). Call 214-346-0400 to get on the waitlist or email ODLR personal shopper directly, I will keep you posted of the launch date in late summer!

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