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Giveaway Reminder Thomas Wylde Mustang Handbag 2350 Value

By Jennifer

February 22, 2008

Giveaway Reminder: Thomas Wylde Mustang Handbag
I cannot believe a month has gone by since we started the Thomas Wylde Mustang Bag Giveaway. Seems like only yesterday I announced the giveaway, when in truth it has been a total of 30-some days since it began. Unlike previous giveaways, I haven’t really been advertising this bag as much as I have in the past, so I am sure that many of you have forgotten. So this post is a reminder to all of you procrastinators, this is the last call everybody. This is the last couple days to enter your details to win the Mustang Bag by Designer Thomas Wylde. The official closing time will be on Friday the 22nd 11:59pm EST to enter, then the virtual doors will be locked shut. The winner will then be crowned shortly after.

So no excuses, you better not forget, rush on over and enter your email address for a chance to with this brand new ruby red Thomas Wylde Mustang Bag!!!! (a $2,350 value). Sponsored by purse obsessed community for handbag lovers, The Bag Forum.

To enter in on this sweet giveaway all you have to do to is wander on over to the sign up page and enter your info.

Sign up here

The clock is ticking!

end note: Stay tuned, we have another fabulous giveaway set for March.

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