Gift Ideas for the Fashion-conscious Mom


Gift Ideas for the Fashion-conscious Mom
Gift Ideas for the Fashion-conscious Mom

For many of us, the real problem in getting a gift for Mother's Day, is that if our mom really wanted something, she'd buy it. This leaves us in the tricky position of finding something that our mothers wouldn't get for themselves, but might want anyway -- which, in my case, unfortunately leads me directly to women's clothing and home decor.

Now, I'm a fairly style-conscious person (if I do say so myself), but mom and I aren't exactly in the same demographic, and -- to be honest -- I have no idea what she thinks is cool. I opted for something tasteful, scented, and relatively unobtrusive, so even if she hates it, she can leave it out without anyone noticing.

If you're a little more daring, Second City Style has posted a number of fun ideas for great Mother's Day gifts -- with price tags from $75 to $350 (for those of you looking to splurge this year). There's an awesome umbrella from SaksFifthAvenue, a fantastic pair of Peggy Guggenheim Sunglasses, and more. Check it out -- especially if you're still stuck on what to get this year.

Because remember, it's on Sunday -- so time is running out

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