Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Pop-Culture Dad ...

By Laura

Father's Day  Gift Ideas for the Pop-Culture Dad ...

6 days out of 7 days of the week our dads are the epitome of bad dad jokes and cheesy advice... Until we get older and realize dad is pretty cool! If your dad is a pop-culture junkie (or even just a moderate pop-culture fan) then these 15 gift ideas are going to be perfect for him. Take a peak at these pop-culture gifts for dad and see if anything would strike your dad's fancy.

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1 The Gift of Food

text, font, product, product, line, It's no secret that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but he's not interested in tea parties and salads in a jar. If your dad likes to cook, he'll love this hilarious cookbook that helps him whip up dinner in no time.

1 The Gift of Gaming

headphones, technology, audio equipment, electronic device, audio, This gaming headset is perfect for any dad who loves to get into his video games. They are noise cancelling and provide a comfortable fit while he plays. They work with most major gaming systems.

2 The Gift of Family Game Night

product, product, games, font, What dad doesn't love a great game of cards? Make things even more fun with this over sized deck of cards that is also waterproof. Now you can play poker with Dad anywhere!

3 The Gift of TV

floor, wood, flooring, wood stain, font, Most people these days are obsessed with Game of Thrones, and if your dad is on that list, he's probably going to love this clever doormat inspired by his favorite show.

4 The Gift of Practicality

highball glass, pint glass, beer glass, glass, product, Sure, cups don't sound like a great Father's Day gift, but then you see these Avengers inspired cups and you think, "WOW! Dad's going to love that!" So go ahead and surprise him with these cool cups.

5 The Gift of Something to Wear

t shirt, black, sleeve, yellow, product, All dads like Star Wars; I swear it's embedded in their DNA. So, throw in some humor with his favorite movie by getting him a Star Wars inspired tee that he can wear again and again.

6 The Gift of Convenience

The Gift of Convenience Two is always better than one! Your dad will definitely appreciate the efficiency of this gift when you wow him with Philips all in one DVD player and iPod dock. Only $179 at amazon.com!

7 The Gift of Music

The Gift of Music If you're dad's a music lover, why not get him the gift of music? You can help him update his music collection, as well as mode of listening to it when you buy him the Samsung's Vertigo MP3 player. It's slim and chic in a James Bond kind of way, and will make your dad seem "cool", the way you always wanted him to be back in high school!

8 The Gift of Fashion

The Gift of Fashion Speaking of music lovers, a musician tee might be the perfect gift for your dad! It's a cheap, yet thoughtful, gift if you're on a budget! Choose a shirt featuring one of the hottest new bands; if he really wants to be a "pop culture" dad, he will love it!

9 The Gift of Style

The Gift of Style Band t-shirts will only get your dad so far. And I'm guessing he doesn't where casual tees every day! So, in addition to the gift of fashion, give him some style! But ties are overdone, so maybe try something trendy and hipsteresque: suspenders!

10 The Gift of Entertainment

The Gift of Entertainment If your dad belongs to the ever-diminishing group of non-Netflixers, I'm sure he'd appreciate a subscription to our culture's latest addiction for Father's Day. It will give him a chance to watch many of his old favorites as well as experiment with newer series. Get it here: netflix.com

11 The Gift of Reading

The Gift of Reading Maybe your dad prefers a more old fashioned form of entertainment. But after a lifetime of reading, his library is probably pretty full! Thanks to modern technology, you can now condense an entire library to something that will fit in the palm of your hand! If you give your dad a kindle I'm certain he'll be grateful for a very long time!

12 The Gift of Self-expression

The Gift of Self-expression If your dad is truly invested in pop culture, he probably knows all about the tattoo craze of the past few years. If he is willing to jump on the bandwagon, take him into get inked as his Father's Day present. Then perhaps you can even get matching tattoos, as a constant reminder of the memories you've made together!

13 The Gift of Sports

The Gift of Sports If your dad is anything like mine, then he certainly loves sports! So if that's the case, what better gift to get him than this ESPN's 30 for 30 limited-edition collector's set? You'll be giving him countless hours to spend in his man cave learning more about the sports he loves! Find it on amazon.com

14 The Gift of Humor

brick, wall, text, brickwork, material, TV and movies have brought us so many hilarious phrases we can never forget! Your dad probably knows several that still make him chuckle from time to time, too! Give him a gift that will always make him smile—like this wall decor. You could also try to find one with a quote from his favorite movie or show.

Father's Day always seems to be creeping up on you! But if you know that your dad loves all things pop culture, finding the right gift becomes a lot easier. Which of these gifts would you consider giving your dad?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Sabrina Yates.

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The CD player is so outdated...some of the reviews on Amazon are from 7 years ago! And the MP3 player only has two star reviews :/

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