Fun Tip for the Dating Don Juan ...


Fun Tip for the Dating Don Juan ...
Fun Tip for the Dating Don Juan ...

Keeping track of all your dates is quite taxing and, er, tricky especially if you’ve been stealthily going on a **multi-dating** spree.

I came across a cool tip to help you keep track of the person you’ve been flirting with talking to and the things you’ve been talking about. Pretty handy for situations that may just get you into trouble, me thinks. LOL.

“With all those chicks in your life, it’s so easy to text the wrong one. You’ll have quite a lot of explaining to do if Rita receives that message meant for Mina. Luckily, the Messaging app shows the last girl who texted, so you’ll know you’re actually texting Carla.” — **The Smart PDA**, **The Treo Messaging Client: A Lover’s Lifesaver**

There you go. If you’re one of them people who are upwardly mobile, this is one mobile phone feature that will give you an edge as you pursue your **multi-dating** endeavour. Teehee. It’s available on a **Treo**.

This messaging app can also be used by loyal folk, according to **Rico Mossesgeld**, who also writes for a **b5media** Business blog, **Contract Worker**. He notes, “She means everything to you, and the last thing you’d want to happen is forget what you’ve been talking about. Since all your messages are helpfully listed, you’ll know what lovey-dovey messages you’ve been exchanging literally a month ago.”

Who says that technology can’t be romantic? LOL. Cool, eh?

And, oh, before I forget — be sure to let us know if you get to try this thing out. Or if you have a story or two to share about a texting blunder. Let’s just get a laugh out of it and chalk it up to experience! Teehee.

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