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Four Months Old- WednesdaysThursday Blog Aroundup ...

By Anne

Apples2apple Blog is now four months old! Boy does time past quick! We'd like to take this chance to thank you for your support as well as welcome all new readers! And also do a quick roundup of Tuesday's posts for all of you. Why Wednesdays? Why not? (Because it is Wednesday today maybe? )

There is something magic about Free hugs. And the power of free hugs melt down everyone.

Happy Valentines day everyone! Yes, everyone, even if you are single!

DKNY redesigned their home page. And I love it!

Upgrade your gift with gorgeous papers. Yeah, dress up your gift and make it look like worth a million bucks!

Be a jean and T-shirt girl. Believe or not, it is sexier than your formal dress sometimes.

Is stop smoking one of your resolution? And are you still keep it going now?
Trendy ... is it your style?

One more expensive accessory - iPhone. I am sure you've came across few blogs that has been talking about it and come across more once it's get out.

How well you take care of your second face? Don't let your hands reveal your real age!

Sugar Rush-- THE sugar body scrub. Who doesn't love sweet? Turns out, your body love it too!

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